A little chilly outside…

26 Jan

Wow it’s cold outside!  We did an energy audit earlier this week and found ways to save our client thousands of dollars on their utility bills.  We love to help our clients save money.  A small investment really can go a long way.  Are your heating bills causing you concern?  Is your home drafty or uncomfortable?  Call us now!

One Response to “A little chilly outside…”

  1. Mike Verbocy February 13, 2015 at 1:52 pm #

    I lived in Bradford, Pa. for over 30 years. I moved to Tennessee 2 years ago. I have taken early retirement and am moving back to Bradford, Pa. My wife and I have started the process on purchase of a home in Bradford Township. We used Mr. Gelsick for our home inspection. He did an inspection on 2/12/15. We received the 46 page report 2/12/15 at the end of his work day. We had some questions. I called at 8am 2/13/15. The office person stated he had left for a job. He called me back before 8:30 and answered all my questions. I had seen a prior report at the home we are buying from a different company who reported for the prior owners. It was no where near the report Mr. Gelsick completed for us. I would highly recommend Mr. Gelsick for an inspection on your home if you want a complete , comprehensive report completed on your home purchase. Thank you Mr. Gelsick for your time and efforts to keep us safe in our new home. Sincerely, Mike Verbocy

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