A little chilly outside…

26 Jan

Wow it’s cold outside!  We did an energy audit earlier this week and found ways to save our client thousands of dollars on their utility bills.  We love to help our clients save money.  A small investment really can go a long way.  Are your heating bills causing you concern?  Is your home drafty or uncomfortable?  Call us now!


Gelsick Home Inspection, LLC Online Initiative

18 Jan

Gelsick Home Inspection, LLC is proud to take this next step in providing the world’s best home inspection services to our customers.  Through our new and expanded online presence, we hope to provide information and ways to connect with our incredibly important customers.  Thanks for being a part of the adventure!

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Our mission is to aid current and prospective home owners in ensuring that their home is safe, sound, and secure.  We hope to give peace of mind to your family, allowing you to enjoy your home for years to come.  We aspire to provide the most thorough, cutting-edge services, allowing you to enjoy your property with NO SURPRISES!